What is Anachro?

Anachro is two things: A Network Protocol, and a PC architecture for a microcontroller-based system.


The name "Anachro" comes from the word "Anachronism", as Anachro was originally designed as a sort of "future-retro" PC. It takes inspiration from the Retrocomputing and the Demoscene, but is instead focused on building systems of modern and available microcontroller components, rather than classical computers.


The Anachro-PC was first described in a blog post by James Munns, which described some of the original ideas, including the physical network topology used by Anachro PC, and parts of the Anachro Network Protocol.

The Anachro Protocol and first Anachro PC were showcased at RustLab 2020, on Oct. 14th, 2020.

Get Started

Anachro is still in early preview! The best way to get started is to: